Releasing the 8-year old child Abdullah Emad Dkeidek
July 25, 2015

The occupation police released on Wednesday night the 8-year old Abdullah Emad Dkeidek after detaining and interrogating him on charges of throwing stones. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the occupation police arrested the child Dkeidek while he was playing with a group of children only meters away from his house in the neighborhood of Ras Al-Amoud in Silwan. Abdullah’s mother explained that six borders police individuals arrested her children around 8 p.m. while playing in the neighborhood with a group of children and prevented them from accompanying him to the police vehicle and informed them that he will be transferred to Salah Eddin Street police station; they also threatened them with guns and prevented them from approaching Abdullah. She added: “The children were gathered in the neighborhood concurrently with the detention of a young man who was walking his dog and one borders police individuals arrested Abdullah. The young men attempted to release the child but the forces pushed them and forced them to stay away from Abdullah.” She continued: “The children came to inform me of Abdullah’s arrest. His uncle and I immediately followed the forces that refused to listen to us and quickly took Abdullah to Salah Eddin Street police station.” The mother also explained that the forces refused to allow them to enter the police station and she stayed for nearly one and a half hours with his uncles outside the station. She was then allowed to enter the interrogation room and was surprised to find her son being interrogated on charges of throwing stones. She explained that the interrogator tried to provoke her and said: “Your son doesn’t have proper manners and should be taught manners, you are like ISIS”. Abdullah’s mother added that the police released her son around 11 p.m. and conditioned her to sign a paper that her son was not assaulted; he was then detained alone for 10 minutes in the interrogation room. Emad Dkeidek explained his astonishment to his son’s arrest and said that signs of fear were obvious on his son since he was released. عبدالله ادكيدط   IMG_9996