In pictures: Demolishing a wedding hall, press and a carpentry in Beit Hanina
July 29, 2015

For the second consecutive day, the occupation bulldozers demolished commercial establishments in the neighborhood of Beit Hanina north of Jerusalem. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the demolition which was carried out by “Bet El” municipality took place in the area of Wad Al-Dam in Beit Hanina. A wedding hall and its facilities, a press, carpentry and a courtyard used for selling construction equipment were all demolished; note that the total area of the establishments demolished was 1000 square meters. The owner of the establishments, Akram Abu Shalbak, explained that the establishments were established since 2014 and were built from bricks and tin plates. He pointed out that the demolition came with no prior notice and mentioned that he finished all the necessary permits two months ago. He added that the bulldozers of “Bet El” municipality demolished a 500-sqaure meters wedding hall along with five rooms and six restrooms. A press and carpentry with an area of 500 square meters were also demolished and an area used for selling construction equipment was swept along with other facilities. It is noteworthy that a large Israeli force including police and Special Forces surrounded the area of Wad Al-Dam since the early morning to execute the demolition. هدم ركام 11824244_10152931188222466_1951473340_n 11805942_10152931188282466_880241253_n 11780439_10152931188142466_1582778187_n بيت حنينا هدم هدم بيت حنينا 3 هدم بيت حنينا واد الدم هدم بيت حنينا