Detaining a “wedding” bus, searching the passengers and arresting one young man after assaulting him
July 31, 2015

The occupation forces arrested one Jerusalemite young man one Wednesday night after he passed through Al-Z’ayem checkpoint. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the occupation forces arrested the 19-year old Baha’ Ahmad Abulhawa and severely beat him while he was passing through Al-Z’ayem checkpoint. Ahmad Abulhawa explained that his son was coming back from a wedding in a bus that was transferring dozens of people from the family including women, children and old people. The bus was stopped and the passengers were asked to get out and the forces searched the bus. When the passengers were allowed to go back to the bus, the forces provoked the young men by pushing them and assaulted some of them after they refused to be pushed. Abulhawa added that the occupation forces detained his son and severely beat him and also assaulted Mahmoud Naser. He also explained that the forces arrested his son at Al-Z’ayem checkpoint and said: “When I was informed that Baha’ was arrested and assaulted, I immediately headed towards Al-Z’ayem checkpoint but the soldiers prevented me from approaching and threatened to arrested and assault me if I stayed in the area. One officer told me that my son will be transferred to the police station in the settlement of Maale Adomim on charges of assaulting Israeli soldiers.