In pictures: Prayers in the streets of Jerusalem
July 31, 2015

Thousands of Palestinians were prevented on Friday from entering Al-Aqsa Mosque and performing the Noon Prayer after the occupation authorities imposed restrictions on the entrance of men under the age of 50 from entering the Mosque. Al-Aqsa empty of worshippers Al-Aqsa courtyards seemed empty of Muslim worshippers since nearly 8 thousand worshippers only were able to enter the Mosque; note that they were all women and old men. It is noteworthy that this is the first time in 2015 where the occupation authorities impose restrictions on the entrance of worshippers to Al-Aqsa on a Friday; note that young men were prevented from entering Al-Aqsa 17 times in 2014. Jerusalem- a military camp The occupation authorities turned the city of Jerusalem into a military camp since 9:30 a.m. and deployed its forces (Special Forces, police, borders police and Calvary units) in all the streets leading to Al-Aqsa and in the neighborhood of the Old City of Jerusalem. The forces were also stationed at Al-Aqsa Gates where they established iron barriers. The Israeli Minister of Internal Security, Gilad Ardan, carried out a tour in the Old City of Jerusalem. Prayers in the streets of Jerusalem Hundreds of young men and children performed that Friday Prayer in the streets of Jerusalem and roads leading to Al-Aqsa Mosque (Ras Al-Amoud, Damascus Gate, Salah Eddin Street and Dung Gate) and at Al-Aqsa Gates as the worshippers prevented from entering Al-Aqsa managed to pray at the closest point to Al-Aqsa. The Israeli forces were present in the areas where prayers were held and recorded the Prayer speeches. Absentee Prayer to the soul of the baby Marty Ali Dawabsheh Worshippers performed an absentee Prayer to the soul of the baby Martyr Ali Dawabsheh in the neighborhood of Wad Al-Joz. Dawabseh passed away after suffering critical burns when settlers attacked his family’s house with Molotov Cocktails in the village of Duma in Nablus. A group of settlers from several settlements had attacked two houses in the village of Duma with Molotov Cocktails and flammable substances and wrote racist slogans such as “revenge” and “ Revenge of the Christ” and then ran away after burning both house owned by Sa’ed Mohammad Dawabsheh (completely burned) and Ma’moon Rashid Dawabsheh (partially burned). Clashes Limited clashes broke out near the neighborhoods of Bab Hutta and Al-Sa’dyeh between the young men and occupation forces that arrested one young man and transferred him to the police station. Al-Aqsa paramedics’ staff explained that an old man was injured in his shoulder during the clashes in Bab Hutta and another young man was injured in the leg. The head of Palestinian Prisoner’s Club in Jerusalem, Naser Qos, explained that the Israeli forces arrested the 21-year old Wisam Sider from the neighborhood of Bab Hutta during the clashes and brutally assaulted him. Sider was then transferred to Salah Eddin Street police station and then to Al-Qishleh police station in the Old City of Jerusalem. The Calvary unit dispersed the young men in the neighborhood of Wad Al-Joz immediately after the Friday Noon Prayer. The forces also assaulted the paramedic Areen Za’aneen and severely beat him near Lions Gate. In the early morning hours, several young men threw Molotov Cocktails at the settlement outpost in the neighborhood of Maragha in Silwan. Also, young men threw stones at the settlement outpost in the neighborhood of Wadi Hilweh in response to the crime against Dawabsheh family. IMG_0358 11805712_10152935244627466_1669151633_n IMG_0368 IMG_0362 IMG_0357 IMG_0355 11815841_10152935244697466_368879451_n IMG_0387 IMG_0391 صلاة شوارع وادي الجوز 4 5 11805729_10152935294937466_2115822574_n المسجد الاقصى باب المغاربة 11721875_10152935296237466_142120535_n