The occupation announces the arrest of a “cell” from Jerusalem and Beit Hanina
August 23, 2015

The occupation arrest announced on Sunday morning the arrest of a “cell” consisting of nine Jerusalemites two weeks ago on suspicious of throwing Molotov Cocktails at a settlers’ vehicle and towards the settlement outpost Bet Hashif’a in Beit Hanina. The police said in a statement: “Several young men threw three Molotov Cocktails towards a settlers’ vehicle in Street number 20 in Beit Hanina which set the vehicle on fire and injured a female and another passenger; they also threw Molotov Cocktails several times at vehicles and a settlement outpost in the town of Beit Hanina.” They added: “During the secret and overt investigations carried out by the police and General Security Service (Shabak), nine suspects were arrested from Beit Hanina and the Old City of Jerusalem who threw Molotov Cocktails multiple times during the last few months.” They were described by the police as a “cell”. The police explained that the detainees (4 minors and 5 adults) are residents of Beit Hanina and the Old City of Jerusalem. The police added that the public prosecution will submit indictments against them to the District Court and will request to extend their arrest until completing the legal procedures against them.