Settlers assault a young Jerusalemite man
August 31, 2015

Several settlers assaulted on Saturday night the 22-year old Jerusalemite Abdel Karim Yousef Abu Khdeir near the settlement of “Rekhes Shu’fat” established on the lands of the Shu’fat north of Jerusalem. Abdel Karim explained that more than 20 settlers aged between 18-20 years threw stones towards his car while he was passing through the settlement of “Rekhes Shu’fat”. Part of the front windshield was damaged and Abu Khdeir attempted to block the stone with his hand and was injured with bruises and wounds. Abu Khdeir added that he called one of his relatives after moving away from the settlers and he was transferred to Hadassah hospital to undergo the necessary check-ups which revealed several bruises and wounds in his left arm. 3