Raiding Shu’fat refugee camp and arresting 15 workers…releasing a prisoner from Silwan
September 2, 2015

The occupation forces raided on Tuesday Shu’fat refugee camp and arrested 15 workers from the West Bank. Thaer Fasfoos, spokesman of Fateh Movement in Shu’fat refugee camp, explained that the forces raided the refugee camp and raided the construction sites and some commercial stores (grocery and clothing stores) and arrested more than 15 Palestinians from the West Bank and detained them near the military checkpoint. Fasfoos added that scattered flashes broke out in the camp between the young men and Israeli occupation forces which fired grenades and rubber bullets. On the other hand, the administration of Negev prison released the 27-year old Jerusalemite prisoner Mohammad Khalil Bader after spending 30 months in the occupation’s prisons. The freed prisoner was arrested in March 2013 and was interrogated at Al-Maskobyeh cells. Upon arrival to Jerusalem, Bader visited Al-Aqsa Mosque and performed the Afternoon Prayer and was then welcomed by the locals of Silwan who chanted for the prisoners, Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa. The freed prisoner was also arrested in 2010 during clashes that broke out in the neighborhood of Al-Sowaneh east of the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem. He spent 40 days in the detention center and was then put on house-arrest. 11949814_10152999358052466_2002230470_n 11943360_10152999359122466_1359229044_n 11948192_10152999358472466_871567289_n 11949741_10152999358842466_1859497366_n 11950770_10152999708477466_174855960_n 11944412_10152999708457466_1109285545_n 11938050_10152999358227466_133321098_n 11933107_10152999708607466_1616759341_n