Details of seizing the apartment of Jihad Sarhan by Ateret Cohanim…injuries and arrests
September 2, 2015

Dozens of young men from Silwan attempted to confront the settlers of Ateret Cohanim and prevent them from taking over and seizing the apartment of the late Jihad Sarhan in the “Middle Neighborhood” in Batn Al-Hawa. The young men were able to force the settlers who broke into the apartment using ropes to leave but the occupation forces provided the settlers with full protection enabling them to break into the apartment again and take it over. Breaking into the apartment of Jihad Sarhan using ropes Sarhan’s family explained to Wadi Hilweh Information Center that a group of settlers living in the building of Jamal Sarhan (sold to Ateret Cohanim last week) raided the apartment of Jihad Sarhan using ropes. The settlers broke into the apartment through the windows of Jamal Sarhan’s building and dropped some furniture. The neighbors heard the noise only to find out that several settlers had already broken into the apartment. Sarhan’s family added that a group of settler had broken into their uncle’s apartment and were able to reach the area of “Al-Hosh” (courtyard) within minutes; settlers were forced to leave after clashes broke out between the two sides. The occupation forces outburst the door of Sarhan’s family’s “Hosh” The family added that large forces including Special Forces outburst the main door of the apartment which had been closed for a while and provided the settlers with full protection to seize the apartment under the pretext of having an order from the Israeli court; note that the apartment has been empty for the last three years. Arrests, clashes and the injury of 21 young men The Information Center added that violent clashes and altercations using hands broke out in the “Hosh” between the forces and settlers on one side and the young men who attempted to confront the take-over process on another. During the clashes, the forces severely beat the young men with the butts of their guns and batons, and fired tear-gas and sound grenades in addition to rubber bullets. Eight members of Sarhan family and one young man were injured with rubber bullets in the face, back and limbs. They also suffered several bruises due to being beat up with the butts of guns on their heads. After seizing and taking over the apartment, the forces raided the house of Ahmad Sarhan and precisely searched it. They arrested the 16-year old Maher Samer Sarhan and the 22-year old Samah Sarhan. In the morning hours, the forces raided the house Mohammad Maher Sarhan and Ali Sarhan in provocative way. Clashes spread to the neighborhoods of Batn Al-Hawa and Bi’er Ayoub and Al-Ein Street where 13 young men were injured by rubber bullets and shrapnel of sound grenades. Also, dozens of locals suffocated during the clashes due to random firing of tear gas by the occupation forces. The center explained that the apartment is adjacent to the building of Jamal Sarhan that was sold to the settlers last Thursday and it is possible that the apartment of Jihad Sarhan was part of the deal done by Jamal. Eight settlement outposts in the neighborhood of Batn Al-Hawa The number of settlement outposts in the Middle Neighborhood increased to 8 where all of them were sold by their owners. The first was taken over in 2005 (Bet Yonatan), the second is House of Honey and three buildings were seized last year (Qawasmi and Rajabi), three apartments owned by Abu Nab family were seized this year as well as Jamal Sarhan’s building and Jihad Sarhan’s apartment. 11950799_10152999376837466_1331008771_n 11951013_10152998756832466_1373585858_n   11944917_10152998756797466_441973485_n 11944756_10152999376887466_1391187618_n 11942242_10152999360992466_1807340649_n 6 7 8 3 2 1 11944991_10152998913332466_1270181180_n 11938829_10152998913277466_1476601485_n 4 5 9 2222   11940184_10152999360957466_1095188038_n 11931665_10152998687807466_1619832199_n   1615114_10152999360717466_699338346_n 11948181_10152998756817466_1922972820_n