In pictures: The occupation authorities confiscate parts of “Bab Al-Rahmeh” cemetery and the locals of Silwan confront them
September 3, 2015

The occupation authorities confiscated on Wednesday new parts of “Bab Al-Rahmeh” cemetery adjacent to Al-Aqsa Mosque and the locals of Silwan confronted them by removing the poles and wires that were placed. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the Nature and Parks authority’s employees and workers raided the cemetery of Bab Al-Rahmeh and placed iron poles and added wires to wires placed last month in lands adjacent to the cemetery; note that the lands are owned by Hussein and Ansari families. The occupation authorities claimed to have an order from the occupation’s court allowing them to work inside the cemetery but refused to show it which confirms and demonstrates that it is implementing a fait accompli and the seizure of land and property owned by Al-Awqaf in Jerusalem. The Chairman of the Islamic cemeteries Committee, Mustafa Abu Zahra, said that the occupation authorities are placing wires along the eastern slope of the Mosque in Bab Al-Rahmeh cemetery to confiscate the empty lands available for dead Muslims and draw new borders for the cemetery and therefore turn the land into trails designated for settlers known as “National Parks trails”. Abu Zahra added that the occupation confiscated lands that have graves. The workers stepped on top of the graves and removed and cut trees inside the cemetery. Local of Silwan confront the occupation authorities In a related matter, the locals of Silwan gathered in Bab Al-Rahmeh cemetery (a big part of it allocated to bury their dead) and confronted the confiscation process and removed the poles and wires from the land and graves. Witnesses added that large forces raided the cemetery and closed its entrances and prevented the locals from getting to it. Upon the arrival of the officer in charge, he ordered the Nature and Parks authority’s staff to stop their work in the area. 11992560_10153000304847466_1725277994_n 11950931_10153000219252466_141473301_n 11992094_10153000304692466_671493637_n 11992108_10153000305002466_302754924_n 11992167_10153000219547466_1234181800_n 11944864_10153000219592466_1204504966_n 11948015_10153000219742466_1644924354_n 11948139_10153000219587466_1190077993_n 11948168_10153000219197466_1153284991_n 11950864_10153000219492466_792172355_n 11938934_10153000219317466_1692158722_n 11940130_10153000304957466_638612666_n 11940178_10153000219902466_1304075207_n 11944667_10153000219757466_1217658631_n 11944767_10153000219852466_1668092480_n 11936439_10153000220117466_950160314_n   11938018_10153000304762466_2043507519_n 11938773_10153000304702466_1244927301_n 11938891_10153000219812466_148174583_n 11938922_10153000219152466_1435391254_n 11931674_10153000304737466_1535561570_n 11930656_10153000304887466_1774677122_n 11928693_10153000220052466_861927619_n   11924786_10153000302437466_1524765723_n 11922803_10153000219707466_1543424742_n 10723152_10153000219952466_528563049_n 11720622_10153000219992466_1346649272_n 11911702_10153000219437466_155413339_n