Neglect of the education sector in the municipal schools…Chronic problems and slow solutions
September 5, 2015

With the beginning of the new academic year in Jerusalem schools of the municipality and the Israeli Ministry of Education, the Parents of Jerusalem Schools Union issued a statement and gave a brief overview of the problems and the negligence of the municipal education in the city of Jerusalem. Schools and the Israeli Ministry of Education and the Municipality of Jerusalem

  • The number of Jerusalemite students represents 48% of the total students.
  • The number of schools in Jerusalem is nearly 56 schools.
  • Low level of education in most schools as they lack the elements of education and follow the ignorance policy.
  • Work on implementing the Israeli curriculum gradually.
  • Education is free.
  • Dropout rate at the Elementary and Preparatory levels reached 17% and 45% at the secondary level.
The union explained that most of the municipality’s schools are residential buildings that lack the elements of education where students are deprived from computer rooms, science laboratories, libraries and sports activities due to the lack of sports facilities. The municipality turns any additional rooms in the schools dedicated for activities of non-systematic into classrooms. The statement added that the roads to the municipality’s schools lack safety and security due to the lack of infrastructure. The statement also pointed out to the municipality’s attempts of misrepresenting the Palestinian curriculum in various ways through the write-off and deletion of lessons of the material, in addition to the attempt of imposing the Israeli curriculum.