The occupation arrests Daoud Obeid on his engagement day
September 9, 2015

The occupation tried to steal the joy of Khaled Obeid’s family in the village of Esawyeh by arresting his son Daoud on his engagement day. The 27-year old Daoud Obeid was arrested and detained for several hours in Salah Eddin Street police station without any charges or reasons part of the policy of abusing Jerusalemites. Obeid family explained that the forces arrested Daoud after setting up an ambush at the entrance of Esawyeh as they pulled over his car and searched it for no reason; the forces decided to arrest Daoud and transferred him to the police station. Mahmoud Obeid, Daoud’s cousin, explained that the locals and family members who gathered around Daoud told the forces that he was heading to the barber shop since he was getting engaged on that day but the forces didn’t car and insisted on arresting him. Obeid added that the engagement’s preparations were put on hold for nearly six hours (detention time) and the joy was stolen from the family. He said: “the occupation tried to steal the joy from the family on Daoud’s engagement day especially that he is a freed prisoner.”