In pictures: The occupation closes Al-Aqsa…110 Palestinians injured and arresting a woman and a minor
September 13, 2015

  The occupation authorities stepped up on Sunday their targeting of Al-Aqsa Mosque by raiding and closing the mosque and assaulting the employees of the Islamic Awqaf Department as well as all worshippers who were able to enter Al-Aqsa. They also assaulted the people stationed at the gates. Wadi Hilweh Information Center-Silwan monitored the ongoing events at Al-Aqsa Mosque and reported the following:

  • At 6:45 a.m., the armed forces raided Al-Aqsa courtyards through Al-Silsileh and Dung Gate, and heavily fired sound grenades and rubber bullets.
  • They surrounded the young men inside Al-Qibali Mosque and went on top of its roof and sprayed pepper gas and fired sound grenades inside the Mosque.
  • Fire broke out in several areas inside Al-Qibali Mosque due to sound grenades.
  • Students of Al-Aqsa Schools were prevented from entering Al-Aqsa; students aged between 5-17 years.
  • Arresting the guard Hazem Al-Salhi after assaulting him. He was then released on condition of not entering Al-Aqsa Mosque.
  • Arresting Ala’ Abu Dayeh and a minor.
  • The injury of the child Anas Siam (a student at one of Al-Aqsa schools) with a rubber bullet in the chest.
  • The injury of Jad Al-Ghoul (fire crew at Al-Aqsa) with a rubber bullet in his hand while he was doing his job and putting off a fire that broke out near the museum.
  • The injury of Louai Abu Sa’ed with a rubber bullet in the chest; he suffered a state of shortness of breath and lost consciousness for a few moments.
  • Assaulting and beating Al-Aqsa guards and forcing them to leave the courtyards through Al-Silsileh, Al-Majles and Dung Gates.
  • Evacuating the courtyards of Al-Qibali and Al-Marwani Mosques and assaulting and beating the employees of the Islamic Awqaf Department.
  • Settlers break into Al-Aqsa including the Israeli Minister of Agriculture Uri Ariel….religious rituals and preach workshops in the courtyards.
  • Assaulting the Arab members of the Israeli Knesset while they were inside Al-Aqsa courtyards.
  • Dawn Prayer at Al-Aqsa Gates after women and young men were prevented from entering.
  • Palestinian Red Crescent (PRC): Paramedics treated and transferred 20 injuries from the Old City of Jerusalem to Al-Maqased hospital.
  • Press crews and paramedics injured while conducting their duties inside Al-Aqsa and at its gates.
  • Assaulting the elderly Mousa Abbasi near the gate of Al-Qibali Mosque.
  • Scattered clashes and a state of tension near Al-Silsileh, Hutta, Lions and Al-Majles gates.
  • A sit-in at Al-Silsileh Gate and chants against the division of Al-Aqsa…the occupation assaults the people with grenades and rubber bullets in addition to pushing them. Students, women and young men injured with bruises and shrapnel of grenades.
  • Iron barriers established at Al-Aqsa gates and detaining worshippers at the gates and preventing them from freely moving.
  • Assaulting and beating a woman near Al-Silsileh Gate.
  • Settlers provoke the Muslim worshippers near Al-Silsileh Gate and verbally insulted them under full protection by the Israeli police.
  • 145 settlers break into the courtyards of Al-Aqsa Mosque, amid the siege and assault on Muslims, to celebrate the Jewish New year.
  • Destruction and sabotage inside Al-Qibali Mosque.
  • The occupation forces withdraw from Al-Aqsa after a three and a half-hour siege.
  • Amin Abu Ghazaleh-PRC: 110 Palestinians were injured during the clashes in which 20 were transferred to the hospital. One young man was injured in the head and three injuries in the chest.
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