The occupation chases the students of Silwan School with sound grenades and detains two of them
September 16, 2015

The occupation forces chased the students of Silwan Elementary and Silwan Secondary schools on Wednesday morning while they were heading to their schools in the neighborhood of Ras Al-Amoud and fired sound grenades towards them. The forces detained two students after assaulting and beating them. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the occupation forces were deployed on Wednesday morning in the neighborhood of Ras Al-Amoud only meters away from Silwan Elementary Boys School and Silwan Secondary Boys School and chased the students and detained and provoked some of them. While deployed in the area, the forces fired a sound grenade towards the students. The center added that a group of Israeli forces attempted to break into the secondary school but the administrative and teaching staff intervened and confronted them to protect and ensure the safety of the students, who were in a state of fear and panic. Also, the forces detained the 13-year old Hamzeh Rajabi and the 14-year old Yousef Salah after assaulting and beating them; they also prevented them from going to their schools. It is noteworthy that Silwan Elementary Boys School has 550 students from 1st grade until 6th grade while Silwan Secondary Boys School has 450 students from 7th grade until 9th grade. The students suffer from the continuous harassment they are exposed to by the occupation forces while heading to school as the forces deliberately deploy in the streets initiating problems.