A new unit to “track down and arrest stone-throwers”…60 Jerusalemite detainees in the last five days
September 17, 2015

The occupation police formed a new unit to execute arrests in the city of Jerusalem as ordered by the chief of police in the city. Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud explained that the occupation police formed a new unit named “unit of tracking down stone and Molotov Cocktails-throwers” that will be specialized in arresting Jerusalemites and interrogating them regarding the participation in clashes and throwing Molotov Cocktails and stones. Lawyer Mahmoud pointed out that the unit’s job will be investigation of throwing stones and Molotov Cocktails only and will be different from the other units in the detention center in terms of responsibilities and capabilities. The lawyer added that the headquarters of the new unit will be at Jabal Al0Mukabber police station “O’z Center” and said: “the Israeli authorities chose an almost abandoned area away from the Israeli courts and main detention centers to increase the suffering of the families of detainees who will be forced to go back and forth between the court and the new center to follow-up with their sons’ cases.”a He also added that the lawyers are present at courts to follow-up with the various sessions and the location of the new unit in Jabal Al-Mukabber might delay the lawyers when following up with new detainees. The formation of the new unit comes concurrently with statements and plans made by the head of Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to tighten sanctions on stone and Molotov Cocktails-throwers in which children could be arrested 4-5 years, arresting children above 10 years old that throw Molotov Cocktails and impose fines on their families that could reach up to 100 thousand NIS in addition giving the green light to Israeli soldier to open fire towards stone-throwers and allocate a unit of snipers using “Ruger” riffles to shoot Molotov Cocktails-throwers in Jerusalem, same case like the West Bank. 60 detainees Wadi Hilweh Information Center explained that the occupation authorities arrested 60 Palestinians since last Sunday until Thursday morning including 26 minors (7 of them under the age of 12-age of responsibility). The center added that most of the arrested were executed during the clashes in the Old City of Jerusalem concurrently with clashes at Al-Aqsa as 22 people were arrested in addition to arrested executed in Silwan, Esawyeh, Al-Tur, Wad Al-Joz, Sur Baher and Shu’fat refugee camp. The center pointed out that the occupation authorities and for the first time arrested five young men from inside Al-Qibali Mosque –one of Al-Aqsa mosques. New arrests Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the occupation police arrested the 12-year old Ramez Wahid Ajloni, 16-year old Mutaz Sa’eedeh, 13-year old Nabil Nidal Sider and the young men Muhyee Eddin Bkeirat, Naser Amireh and Mutaz Mahmoud Dabsh on Thursday early morning.