Al-Tur: The occupation arrests two children after leaving school
September 18, 2015

The occupation forces arrested on Thursday two children from the village of Al-Tur east of the city of Jerusalem after they had left school and were heading home. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the occupation forces arrested the 8-year old Tamer Ziad Anati and the 9-year old Zein Ayoub Khweis. Zein’s mother explained that the forces arrested the two children while they were heading home after they left school (Al-Tur Boys School). She added that the forces arrested them under the pretext of throwing stones and transferred them to Jabal Al-Mukabber police station “O’z” for interrogation; note that they were transferred in the police vehicle alone and none of the parents was allowed to attend the interrogation putting the children in an extreme state of fear and panic. Four hours later, they were released and the police never informed the family of the arrest and where the children were detained. Zein’s mother said: “Zein and Samer were arrested while on their way home and were detained for nearly 4 hours in the interrogation room. Our children are supposed to go home and rest after their school day, but the occupation targets the Jerusalemite children and deprives them of security and safety.” عناتي خويص