Extending the arrest of 22 Jerusalemites and releasing 14 others
September 22, 2015

The District and Magistrate judge extended on Monday the arrest of 22 Jerusalemites and released 14 others. Wadi Hilweh Information Center’s lawyer explained that the Magistrate judge extended the arrest of the children Sharif Abu Rmeileh (16), Seif Idris (16), Ismaeel Annous (13), Hamzeh Syouri (16), Ahmad Naser (14), Mohammad Abu Jom’a, Samer Rajabi and Eyad Shweiki until 27/9/2015. The lawyer explained that the public prosecution submitted an indictment against the child Mahdi Abu Diab and after challenging the evidence the Magistrate judge decided to release the child on condition of house-arrest and deportation to Nazareth and with a 1500-NIS bail but the prosecution appealed the decision. The lawyer added that a session was held for the child Nabil Sider and the house-arrest imposed on him was extended; the judge allowed him to go to school and go visit relatives during Al-Adha holiday. The lawyer also mentioned that the police released on Monday the children Mohammad Nidal Salah (10), Khader Nader Shweiki (11) and his brothers Yousef (10) and Shafiq (9). Al-Dameer organization lawyer, Mohammad Mahmoud, explained that the Magistrate judge extended the arrest of Majd Shkeirat until 27/9/2015, Ali Aweisat until 29/9/2015, Majd Darwish until 25/9/2015 ( a prosecutor’s permit was submitted to submit an indictment against him), Samer Abu Eisheh and Wahid Marazeeq until 27/9/2015 and Tawfiq Shweiki until 12/10/2015. The judge also extended the arrest of Mohammad Abu Ghannam and Amir Abu Ghannam until 27/9/2015. Lawyer Mahmoud added that the Magistrate judge decided to extend the arrest of Ahmad Ashayer, Salman Abu Sbitan and Mohammad Jaser Abulhawa and Abdel Naser Odeh until 27/9/2015. The Magistrate judge also decided to release Mohammad Aziz Aweisat, Mohammad Wasim Aweisat and Jihad Mashahra with a third-party bail and house-arrest for three days; note that they were accused of burning Musta’ribeen (undercover police) in the village of Jabal Al-Mukabber. A session was also held for Seif Eddin Abu Asab and another session was scheduled for him on 21/12/2015. Also, the District court held a session for Daoud Abu Sbitan and the judge extended his arrest without specifying the date. Lawyer Mahmoud added that the police released Fadi Atyeh, Sufian Mahmoud, Amir Mustafa, Nadim Zahra, Mahmoud Mheisen, Mahmoud Awadallah Dirbas and Jamil Mheisen with a third-party bail of 5 thousand NIS.