In pictures: the occupation assaults the child Kamal Abu Hadwan and injures him with wounds and bleeding
September 21, 2015

The 14-year old Kamal Akram Abu Hadwan suffered pains and nausea after he was assaulted by the occupation forces in Beit Hanina; he is still under medical observation at the hospital. Akram Abu Hadwan explained that the forces assaulted his 14-year old son while he was in front of car-repair shop. Kamal went outside and was sitting on a bench concurrently with the passing of a patrol in the area. Abu Hadwan added that the police dismounted from their vehicle and assaulted one child in the street and then headed towards Kamal and surrounded him and then accused him of stealing a motorcycle; he declined charges. The police then called the owner of the motorcycle who confirmed that he had parked it in that area in Beit Hanina. He added that the forces insisted on accusing his son of assaulting the police personnel and obstructing their work by not showing them his ID; note that he is a minor and doesn’t have an ID yet. Four police personnel then severely beat the child causing him to bleed; he also lost consciousness while being dragging him to the police vehicle. The patrol’s individuals then hit him inside the vehicle before he was transferred to “Nabi Yaakov” police station. He explained that the interrogator accused him of assaulting a policeman and then released him. Kamal’s father explained that he will file a claim against the policemen who assaulted his son for no reason. He also pointed out that his son is still under medical observation in the hospital due to the bruises and pains he suffered.

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