In pictures: Releasing 6 Jerusalemite prisoners
September 22, 2015

The occupation prisons’ administration released on Tuesday 6 Jerusalemite prisoners after they completed their prison sentenced that varied between 11 and 40 months. The released prisoners are from Silwan, Old City of Jerusalem and the village of Sur Baher. They are: Mohannad Qawasmi, Mohammad Khalil Abbasi, Ahmad Da’na and Ali Barakeh from Silwan; Amjad Ghrouf from the Old City of Jerusalem and Obaida Aton from the village of Sur Baher. Silwan’s prisoners The locals of Silwan welcomed the free prisoners upon arrival with Palestinian flags and banners. Upon arrival to the neighborhood of Bi’er Ayoub, the occupation forces raided the area and forced them to leave the street and attempted to confiscate the flags. The prisons administration released Mohannad Qawasmi (23) and Mohammad Abbasi (23). The center was informed that Qawasmi spent 40 months in the occupation’s prisons on charges of throwing firecrackers and Molotov Cocktails; he was interrogated in Al-Maskobyeh cells. Khalil Abbasi spent 23 months in prison on charges of throwing Molotov Cocktails and firecrackers towards the settlers’ guards’ vehicles. It is noteworthy that that Abbasi was arrested several times in which the first time was when he was a minor in 2009 and was detained for one month. He was released on condition of house-arrest for one year and then social work. He was then arrested in 2010 for two months and was transferred to house-arrest for two years. The prison administration also released the Jerusalem Ali Ziad Ibrahim Barakeh (31) from Silwan after he completed his 11-month prison sentence. Amjad Abu Asab, head of Jerusalemites detainees and prisoners families committee, explained that Ali was arrested on 23/10/2014 and was convicted of assaulting a soldier. He was transferred in between several prisons and was released from Negev desert prison. The 19-year old Ahmad Faraj Da’na from Silwan was also released after completing his 11-month prison sentence; he was arrested on 23/10/2014. On Monday, the prisoner Obaida Ali Aton (20) was released from Nafha prison after spending a year in the occupation’s prisons; he was previously arrested as a minor and was detained for 20 months. Abu Asab also explained that the occupation authorities released the 42-year old Jerusalemite Amjad Mohammad Abdel Aziz Ghrouf from the Old City of Jerusalem after he completed his prison sentence. Amjad was arrested on 27/7/2014 on charges of confronting raids on Al-Aqsa Mosque and was sentenced for 14 months; he was transferred in between several prisons and was released from Jalboo’ prison.

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