On the second day of Al-Adha Eid…arresting 9 Jerusalemites
September 27, 2015

The occupation police arrested on Friday night five Jerusalemites under the pretext of assaulting a settler in the city of Jerusalem. The police said in a statement that they arrested five Jerusalemites from the area of Jaffa gate near the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem under the pretext of assaulting a settler; they were transferred to Al-Qishleh police center. In a related matter, the police arrested on Friday early morning (2nd day of Al-Adha Eid) four Jerusalemites from Silwan and Sur Baher. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the occupation forces arrested Bilal Al-A’war (21) and Suleiman Qaraeen (18) from the neighborhood of Ras Al-Amoud in Silwan. They also arrested Walid Firas Al-Atrash (19) and Abed Mahmoud Dwayyat (19) from the village of Sur Baher; note that they arrested Mohammad Jadallah (16), Khaled Jadallah 20), Abdel Karim Khalilo (18), Mohammad Tawil and Mohammad Khaled Abu Kaf (18)from the village on Thursday early morning. The occupation intelligence also handed calls for interrogation for several young men from Silwan.