Arresting four Jerusalemites from the village of Sur Baher under the pretext of “killing a settler”
September 27, 2015

The occupation police announced on Saturday night the arrest of four Jerusalemites from the village of Sur Baher south of Jerusalem on charges of killing the Israeli settler Alexander Levlovich and injuring two women nearly two weeks ago while driving through one of the village’s streets. The police said in a statement that they arrested four young men aged between 16-19 years on suspicion of throwing stones and killing an Israeli settlers and injuring two women. The detainees are: Mohammad Salah Abu Kaf (18), Walid Firas Mustafa Al-Atrash (18), Abed Mahmoud Abed Rabbo Dwayyat (19) and another minor who cannot be named. The police said in a statement that the detainees confessed to their intention of carrying out “terrorist” attacks especially on the Jewish New Year and were stationed in a place where they can throw stones at the cars passing by after recognizing Israeli drivers. The police said that the main suspect, Dwayyat, went to carry out this attack while he was wrapping a “Hamas” flag around him which he obtained through participating in the festival of “Al-Aqsa is in danger” in the village of Um Al-Fahem. The police added that the Shabak will continue to interrogate the suspects and the material gathered during the interrogation will be transferred to the Jerusalem district prosecutors for the preparation of charges. It is noteworthy that the occupation authorities carried out a series of arrests in the village of Sur Baher during the last two days (1st and 2nd days of Al-Adha Eid) and arrested 7 Jerusalemites.