Al-Aqsa under siege…arresting three women and dozens of settler break-in
September 29, 2015

Dozens of Israeli settlers broke into Al-Aqsa Mosque on Tuesday morning (2nd day of Sukkot) under heavy protection from the occupation forces concurrently with preventing Muslim from entering Al-Aqsa. Settlers’ break-ins Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that 143 extremists broke into Al-Aqsa Mosque through Dung Gate under heavy protection from the occupation’s Special Forces. Closing Al-Aqsa Mosque’s gates The occupation authorities closed most of Al-Aqsa gates except for Hutta, Al-Majles and Al-Silsileh gates for the third consecutive day and established their iron barriers at the open gates. They also prevented men and women under the age of 50 from entering. Arresting three women The occupation Special Forces arrested Aida Sidawi, Njood Mteir and Sana Sheeha and transferred them to the interrogation center. Al-Aqsa gates especially Al-Silsileh, Al-Qataneen and Al-Majles witnessed clashes between the settlers and those prevented from entering the Mosque and one settler sprayed the worshippers in the Old City with pepper gas which led to the injury of several people. The forces chased the worshippers near Al-Aqsa gates and suppressed them with beating and pushing near Al-Silsileh, Al-Qataneen and Al-Majles gates; they deliberately harassed them to prevent them from being near Al-Aqsa Gates. Dawn Prayer at the gates Dozens performed the Dawn Prayer at Al-Aqsa gates after being prevented from entering Al-Aqsa due to restrictions imposed on the entrance of men and women. Isolating a young man The occupation police isolated Jihad Bdeir from Al-Aqsa Mosque for 15 days.