Renewed clashes sweep through Silwan
September 22, 2010

Violence has gripped Silwan once again as clashes erupted between armed settler guards and Palestinian youth. Confrontations were concentrated in the Wadi Hilweh neighborhood this morning, close to settlement outposts. Eyewitnesses report that Palestinian youths have aimed stones and Molotov cocktails at settlement fortifications in Silwan in angry retaliation of the murder of Silwan resident Samer Sarhan by a settler guard yesterday. Sarhan, 32, was a father of 5 children and a resident of al-Bustan neighborhood in Silwan. A combined force of Israeli military and police are present in the area. Israeli forces have responded violently to the clashes, firing tear gas at crowds of Palestinians in the densely-built and -populated area. Several of Silwan's main roads have been closed by Isreaeli forces until further notice.