Less than 24 hours after the murder, Samer Sarhan’s killer is released on bail
September 23, 2010

The Israeli settler guard responsible for the murder of Silwan martyr Samer Sarhan was released yesterday on bail. Israeli police accepted the testimony of the guard, who claimed that he had shot Sarhan in self defence. Armed private settler security guards act with impunity in Silwan, frequently using their weapons against Palestinians. Guards' unrestrained use of force on unarmed residents of Silwan have resulted in numerous injuries and constitute a real threat to the lives of the Palestinian population. Said Abu Nasser, a lifelong resident of Silwan: "We are certain that the murderer of this newest and catastrophic crime will not be punished. Perhaps he will even be given a medal. We are also fully aware that it is the directors of the settlement projects in Silwan, such as the City of David and Beit Yonatan, who wield the power. The Israeli police merely serve as the 'hands' of the operation, to carry out arrests and regular harassment of Palestinians, acting under the orders of the settlement guards." Israeli police had brought Sarhan's killer to the scene of the crime to re-enact the events that unfolded yesterday. Residents questioned the validity of the exercise however, with one eyewitness stating "how can it be possible that this guard was in danger? He chased the martyr before finally shooting him. His intent was to shoot to kill."