Intifada in Silwan: Ambulances Fail to Reach Injured
September 23, 2010

Violent confrontations spread out to most of Silwan neighborhoods as a result of anger and frustration, following yesterday's events when a settler guard killed Samer Sarhan, a Palestinian resident. Clashes are reported in neighborhoods El-Bustan, Baten El-Hawa and in the surrounding neighborhoods of Wadi Hilweh area. There are reports of many casualties among Palestinian residents. Medical crews and ambulances are blocked from entering the sites of clashes, and therefore cannot tend to the wounded or report the number of injured. Wissam Hammouda from the Al-Aqsa ambulance crew in Burj Al-Laqlaq said earlier that the Israeli forces do not make the distinction and are firing gas grenades toward everyone including medical crews. Hammouda also confirmed the occurrence of at least five injuries, including injuries from rubber bullets. One tear gas canister was shot into the house of the martyr Samer Sarhan, in El-Bustan and resulted in four injuries. There are also two confirmed cases of rubber bullets injuries in Baten El-Hawa neighborhood. Hamza Abu Rajab, from the Palestinian Red Cross Relief, reported one wounded by three shots of rubber bullets, another wounded by a sound bomb shot in the head, and a third wounded by a sound bomb shot in his back. All three were treated at the scene. It is still difficult to determine the overall number and type of injuries. On the other hand the Palestinian youths pelted Israeli soldiers with stones and Molotov cocktails. Eyewitnesses reported that an Israeli soldier was wounded. According to eyewitnesses two army vehicles were burned down. Clashes extend now to the Ein El-Loze area of Silwan and the residents confirmed that Israeli forces started to use live ammunition.