A petition to release the bodies of 12 Martyrs
October 18, 2015

The lawyers’ staff submitted on Sunday a petition to release the bodies of 12 Martyrs detained by the occupation authorities. The staff which includes, Al-Dameer organization lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud, Ministry of Prisoners’ lawyer Tarek Barghouth and lawyer Midhat Deebeh requested the occupation authorities to release the Martyrs’ bodies after they have been delaying and refusing to release them for more than a week. A copy of the petition was submitted to the legal advisor of the Israeli government and another copy to the Israeli Intelligence. The staff confirmed in the petition that detaining the bodies and delaying the release process is a non-democratic matter, unethical and considered revenge from their family members. The staff also explained that the occupation authorities are detaining 12 bodies. They are: Thaer Abu Ghazaleh, Ishaq Badran, Mohammad Mohammad Ali, Mustafa Khatib, Hasan Manasra, Ala’ Abu Jamal, Baha’ Alayan, Basel Sider, Ahmad Abu Sha’ban, Mu’taz Aweisat, Mohammad Shamasneh and the child Bayan Ayman Assaileh.