The Martyrdom of a woman from the village of Esawyeh after being detained at the village’s checkpoint
October 19, 2015

A Jerusalemite woman from the village of Esawyeh passed away at the checkpoint established on the eastern entrance of the village after the Israeli forces disrupted her exit from the village while heading to the hospital. Mohammad Abu Hummos, member of follow-up committee in the village, explained to Wadi Hilweh Information Center that the 65-year old Huda Mohammad Darwish passed away on the checkpoint after the forces stopped and detained the family’s car while on their way to the hospital after suffering shortness of breath. Abu Hummos added that the forces stationed at the military checkpoint established at the eastern entrance of the village delayed the exit of the vehicle. When the driver tried to move in front of other vehicles, one soldier fired bullets towards the car and in the air and forced them to stop. He also added that the woman’s family members informed the soldiers about an emergency case inside the car and that the woman was suffering a shortness of breath and needs immediate treatment but the soldiers did not pay an attention and deliberately delayed their exit from the village. The woman arrived at the hospital in a critical situation and was announced dead minutes later. Abu Hummos pointed out that the woman suffered a shortness of breath due to the heavy firing of tear-gas grenades inside “Hosh Mheisen and Darwish” in the village of Esawyeh. The family confirmed that they will file a claim to the competent authorities regarding the incident. The occupation authorities have closed the main entrance of the village of Esawyeh with cement blocks since last Wednesday, and established a checkpoint on the eastern entrance making 19 thousand people use only one way to enter and exit the village where they are also body searched and detained. The closures also result in heavy traffic jams that reach inside the village’s neighborhoods at times.