Sentencing a child from Silwan….arrests
October 22, 2015

The District judge sentenced a child from Silwan for one year of actual imprisonment while the Minister of Occupation Army decided to transfer several Jerusalemites to administrative arrest. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the District judge sentenced the child Abed Barbar from Ras Al-Amoud in Silwan for one year of actual imprisonment and a suspended probation of 6 months for two years. The family of the child Barbar explained that their son was arrested on 3/5/2015 and was convicted of three charges; assaulting a policeman (sentence is three months) and participation in Al-Nakba events (sentence is 6 months and a suspended probation of six months for two years) while the third charge was throwing Molotov Cocktails (sentence is 9 months). The family explained that their child is imprisoned in Hasharon prison and he was previously arrested 7 times in the last three years; note that he was interrogated in Al-Maskobyeh cells for 28 days. Administrative arrests Amjad Abu Asab, head of Jerusalemites detainees and prisoners families committee, explained that the occupation authorities transferred Mohammad Salah Dwayyat from Sur Baher and Ahmad Abu Diab from Silwan to administrative arrest. Mohammad Dwayyat is the brother of Shurouq Dwayyat who was shot by a settler in the Old City of Jerusalem under the pretext of attempting to stab him. Abu Asab added that the Magistrate judge in Jerusalem extended the arrest of the 21-year old Jerusalemite injured prisoner Bilal Abu Ghanem from Jabal Al-Mukabber for 15 days. Bilal was arrested on 13/10/2015 after being critically injured as the occupation authorities accuse him of participating in the dual attack carried out in the settlement of Harmon Hanatziv that is established on the land of Jabal Al-Mukabber in Jerusalem; Bilal’s companion, Baha’ Alayan, passed away during the incident. Abu Asab added that the occupation authorities arrested Abdullah Abu Sbitan near Maale Adomim checkpoint, and Mahmoud Zaghal from Ras Al-Amoud in Silwan and the 16-year old Suhaib Burqan from the neighborhood of Al-Thori in Silwan. Also, the 14-year old Odai Naji Zghayyar was arrested from Silwan.