The police legal advisor refuses to release the bodies of 12 Palestinian Martyrs
October 27, 2015

The legal advisor of the Israeli police, Shaoul Gordon, refused the appeal submitted to release the bodies of 12 Palestinian Martyrs that are detained by the Israeli authorities. Al-Dameer organization lawyer, Mohammad Mahmoud, explained that the legal advisor replied to the appeal submitted by the lawyers staff and said that the political level refuses to release the Martyrs’ bodies to their families at this time and no final decision has been taken in regards of the bodies. Gordon said that detaining the bodies at this time reduces the attacks against Israelis in the city of Jerusalem in particular as well as other area. Also, not releasing the bodies will deter others from carrying out similar attacks. The legal advisor also said that Jerusalem is under “terrorist” individual attacks that led to the death and injury of several Jews. He added: “It is not a secret that these attacks are taken as an example to be followed by others. These attacks only increase the tension in Jerusalem and encourage “killing”. In order to reduce these attacks, the security sector has taken several steps to maintain the safety of the population”. He also said: “Releasing the bodies and carrying out special funeral for them and burying them in known cemeteries that could become a “shrine” in the future; that’s why you set an example to others by not releasing the body of the attacker.” He continued: “The security parties believe that not releasing the bodies to their families after the attack even if the detention was temporary serves as a deterrent factor for others and leads to a decline in the desire of other to carry out similar attacks.” The lawyers staff had submitted an appeal to the Israeli authorities to release the Martyrs’ bodies after they have been detaining them and delaying the release process; a copy of the appeal was submitted to the legal advisor of the Israeli government and another copy to the Israeli Intelligence. The lawyers explained that the appeal was submitted on 18/10/2015 and included the names of 12 Martyrs. They are: Thaer Abu Ghazaleh, Ishaq Badran, Mohammad Mohammad Ali, Mustafa Khatib, Hasan Manasra, Ala’ Abu Jamal, Baha’ Alayan, Basel Sider, Ahmad Abu Sha’ban, Mu’taz Aweisat, Mohammad Shamasneh and the child Bayan Ayman Assaileh.