The occupation threatens to demolish the house of Martyr Ala’ Abu Jamal’s sister and creates holes in its walls
October 30, 2015

The occupation forces raided the house of Safa’ Abu Jamal, Martyr Ala’ Abu Jamal’s sister, and created holes into its walls and threatened to demolish it under the pretext of being owned by Martyr Ala’. Abu Jamal family explained that the occupation forces raided the house of Safa’ and took measurements, checked the walls and created holes in them. The forces claimed that the house is owned by Ala’ Abu Jamal and that the first house they checked in which a demolition order was issued against is not actually owned by Ala’. The family refused the occupation forces’ claim and confirmed that the house they raided on Tuesday is owned by Safa’ Abu Jamal where she has been living with her husband and two children. Abu Jamal family also mentioned that the forces interrogated several family members to make sure which one is the house of Ala’. It is noteworthy that Ala’ passed away after carrying out a run-over and stabbing attack in West Jerusalem and his family received a confiscation and demolition order to his house in the village of Jabal Al-Mukabber in Jerusalem.