The occupation deports Hijazi Abu Sbeih from Jerusalem for 6 months
December 9, 2015

The so-called Commander of Internal Front issued a decision to deport Hijazi Nathmi Abu Sbeih from the city of Jerusalem for 6 months under the pretext of “maintaining security and safety”. The occupation forces (Special Forces, officers and intelligence) arrested the young man Hijazi from Salah Eddin Street in Jerusalem and took him to Al-Maskobyeh police center in West Jerusalem where he received the deportation order. The deportation order was issued on 10/11/2015 and said: “According to my authority and under the emergency law of 1945 articles 6, 108 and 109 and after being convinced of the importance of this matter to protect the state and the population’s safety as well as public order, I order to deport Hijazi Abu Sbeih from the city of Jerusalem from the date this order was issued until 9/5/2016. According to the order, Hijazi has the right to challenge the deportation order until 17/11/2015 (he received it and signed it a month after it was issued) meaning that he can no longer challenge it. The occupation authorities handed the order to Hijazi along with a map before releasing him from Al-Maskobyeh police center.