Jerusalem: The occupation removes banners with religious sayings from Al-Musrara market
December 10, 2015

Joint crews including occupation municipality, Special Forces and police raided Al-Musrara market (across from Damascus Gate- one of the Old City’s gates). They stormed into Abu Zahra groceries store under the pretext of hanging religious banners outside his commercial store. The municipality’s crews used a crane and special tools to remove three banners hung on the store’s walls; “No God but Allah and Mohammad is his Prophet” was written on one and a verse from the Holy Qur’an was written on another. Mustafa Abu Zahra explained that the municipality crews raided his store on Wednesday morning and asked him to remove the banners hung above his store under the pretext of “representing symbols of Islam”. Two hours later, they raided his store again and removed the banners themselves. Abu Zahra added that the banners have been hung for 30 years. لوحة لوحات 3 لوحات 2