The conditional release of a woman, two young men and a minor…extending the arrest of three young men with “confidential” cases
December 12, 2015

The occupation forces arrested on Friday the 16-year old Ahmad Haymooni from in front of his house in the Middle Neighborhood in Silwan. On the other hand, the Magistrate judge decide to release a woman, two young men and a child on condition of house-arrest and extended the arrest of three other young men for one week to interrogate them on “confidential” charges. Zinat Jallad Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the Magistrate judge decided to release 62-year old Zinat Jallad (Um Ihab) on conditions of house-arrest for 5 days and deportation from the Old City of Jerusalem for 15 days in addition to a financial bail; she was detained for 4 days. Jallad explained that she was arrested from in front of Al-Qishleh police center in the Old City of Jerusalem and was interrogated several times; she was detained in Al-Ramleh prison. Ahmad Al-Ghoul The Magistrate judge also decided to release the head of Fateh Youth, Ahmad Al-Ghoul, on conditions of house-arrest for 15 days and a bail. Al-Ghoul was arrested after requesting him for interrogation on charges of “incitement” on Facebook; his wife was also called for interrogation on Thursday at Al-Maskobyeh police center. Malek Naser The occupation authorities also released on Friday the 14-year old Malek Naser who is a resident of the neighborhood of Ras Al-Amoud in Silwan. He was released on condition of house-arrest for 14 days and the family had to sign a bail to commit to his releasing conditions. Rushdi Shweiki The 20-year old Rushdi Amin Shweiki was also released on Friday on condition of house-arrest outside the city of Jerusalem. Shweiki explained that he was arrested on 4/10/2015 and the judge released him on conditions of a 1500-NIS bail and house-arrest in the city of Nazareth (deportation from Jerusalem to Nazareth). Rushdi who is a college student in Cyprus came to visit his family in Jerusalem and was arrested on charges of throwing stones before leaving the country causing him to miss school. Extensions of arrest On the other hand, the Magistrate judge extended the arrest of three young Jerusalemite men until next Thursday; they are being interrogated at Al-Maskobyeh cells on “confidential” charges. They are: Ziad Abu Hadwan (20) who is a freed prisoner that spent 10 months in the occupation prisons and was recently released, Ammar Rajabi from Al-Sa’dyeh neighborhood in the Old City of Jerusalem and 17-year old Mohammad Nadi Hashlamon from Silwan. It is noteworthy that this is the 8th time Hashlamon gets arrested in the last year and a half. The Magistrate court’s guards prevented on Friday the mother of prisoner Abu Hadwan from entering the court’s building; note that she was detained last week for three hours in a room inside the court under the pretext of “obstructing the interrogation of her son”.