Deportations from Jerusalem…and travel-ban decisions
December 16, 2015

The occupation authorities called one woman and three young Jerusalemite men to go to Sal-Maskobyeh police center in West Jerusalem and handed them “deportation” and “travel-bans” orders. Deportation from the city of Jerusalem Deportation orders were issued against 18-year old Jerusalemite prisoner Obada Najib and 24-year old Jerusalemite prisoner Mohammad Abdel Baset Mufalfel (Razem). The orders were signed by the Commander of Internal Region “Yoyel Satrik” according to articles 6, 108 and 109 under the emergency law of 1945 and for the importance to protect the state and the population’s safety as well as public order. Maps were attached to the orders showing the areas where they are not allowed to be. The deportation order against Mufalfel is from 14/12/2015 until 13/3/2016 (3 months). Mufalfel is a freed prisoner from Silwan. He is married and has an 11-month baby. He was previously arrested twice; in 2010 for one week and was under house-arrest for 21 months, and in 2012 for 6 months. He was also isolated from Al-Aqsa Mosque four times in which the last isolation was over just last week. Travel ban Travel-ban orders were issued against Hanadi Halawani and Akram Shurafa. They were handed the orders after requesting them for interrogation. The orders were issued following an order from the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior according to article 6 of the state’s emergency law of 1948. According to the order, they are banned from travelling abroad until 12/1/2016 and the Israeli authorities will check the possibility of extending the ban for 6 months. The authorities claimed in their decision that Halawani and Shurafa have a relationship with Hamas activists and travelling abroad could support activities with security concerns and might pose threat to the state’s security. It is noteworthy that Shurafa had a previous travel-ban order that was over on 30/11/2015 and was renewed on Tuesday; the occupation authorities also have banned Shurafa from entering Al-Aqsa Mosque since two years.