Banning Khadijeh Khweis from travelling abroad or entering the Old City of Jerusalem as well as West Jerusalem
December 19, 2015

The occupation intelligence requested Khadijeh Khweis on Thursday for interrogation at Al-Maskobyeh police center in West Jerusalem and handed her orders banning her from entering the Old City of Jerusalem and West Jerusalem in addition to banning her from travelling abroad. Old City of Jerusalem and West Jerusalem The decision of banning Khweis from entering the Old City of Jerusalem and West Jerusalem was issued by the Commander of Internal District (military commander, Eyal Ezenburgh) according to articles 6, 108 and 109 of the emergency defense law for the year 1945 in order to maintain the safety and security of the state and community. She is prevented from entering West Jerusalem and the Old City from 16/12/2015 until 15/06/2016. Travel-ban In terms of banning her from travelling broad, a decision was issued by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, Silvan Shalom, according to article 6 under the pretext of being active in the Marabouts activities and has a role in distributing money to other Marabouts According to the decision, leaving the country could be aimed into helping Marabouts which could pose a threat to the state’s security. The travel-ban is one month long and the possibility of extending it to six months is currently being checked (according to the decision).