The occupation Intelligence is preparing a decision to release the bodies of Jerusalemite Martyrs
December 20, 2015

Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud said the Israeli Intelligence service informed him about their intent to release the bodies of Jerusalemite Martyrs in the next few days. Lawyer Mahmoud who is following up with the case of the Martyrs’ bodies explained that he met with the Israeli Intelligence at Al-Maskobyeh police center in West Jerusalem and they informed him that a decision is being prepared to release the bodies of Jerusalemite Martyrs to their families; it is possible that positive news will be coming in the next few days. The lawyers’ staff consisting of Mohammad Mahmoud, Tarek Barghouth and Midhat Deebeh have submitted 80 letters in the past two months to the Minister of Internal Security, legal advisor of Israeli police and Intelligence service in addition to 10 appeals submitted to the public prosecution as well as discussions talks with the Israeli police in which they requested to release the Martyrs’ bodies to bury them according to their religious beliefs. Lawyer Mahmoud explained that various Israeli authorities refused the appeals and requests submitted claiming that it is not possible to release the bodies in light of the security situation in the city and detaining the bodies will deteriorate others from carrying out similar attacks especially that releasing the bodies and carrying out special funerals and burying them in well-known cemeteries that will become a “shrine” afterwards only promotes the “attacking” ideas for others. Lawyer Mahmoud added that the lawyers’ staff refused to head to the Israeli Supreme Court during the last period to request releasing the bodies because of the seriousness of the matter and said: “It was possible the judges would refuse the appeal we submitted and therefore find a judicial precedent for Jerusalemite Martyrs to be buried in the numbers cemeteries”. He pointed out that until today there is no such decision against Jerusalemite Martyrs. Also, heading to the Supreme Court could obstruct any political effort whether it was announced or not. He added that the Israeli police will commit to any decision issued by the Israeli Supreme Court for years. Also, the Israeli authorities released the body of Martyr Hadil Awad last Friday which confirms that a decision to release Martyrs’ bodies has been taken. In terms of conditions of releasing Martyrs’ bodies, lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud explained that another session will be held after receiving the final decision of releasing the bodies to discuss the releasing process. He explained that this matter has not been discussed in the last meeting he had with the Israeli Intelligence. The occupation authorities continue to detain the bodies of 13 Jerusalemite Martyrs in which the first Martyr has been detained since October 8, 2015; note that among the detained bodies are the bodies of 4 children. The Jerusalemite Martyrs whom bodies are still detained are: Thaer Abi Ghazaleh, Ishaq Badran, Mohammad Saeed Mohammad Ali, Mustafa Khatib, Hasan Manasra, Ala’ Abu Jamal, Baha’ Alayan, Ahmad Abu Sha’ban, Mu’taz Aweisat, Ahmad Qneibi, Mohammad Nimer, Omar Iskafi and Abdel Muhsen Hassouneh.