A session for the killer of Martyr Mohammad Abu Khdeir
December 21, 2015

The District judges postponed on Sunday the decision whether to accept or reject the psychological report of the killer of Martyr Mohammad Abu Khdeir to an unspecified date; the report will be sent to the concerned authorities. A session was held at the District court to discuss the psychological report of the main suspect (Yousef Ben David) in killing Martyr Mohammad Abu Khdeir; the report was submitted at the end of last month. According to the report, Ben David suffers from psychological disorders making him unfit for a trial. Lawyer Mohannad Jbara explained that Sunday’s session was focused on the medical report. The suspect’s lawyer said his client suffers from psychological disorders and has the right to defend himself. He also tried to justify the reason behind the delay in submitting the report to the judges (after a year and half of the crime) by saying that he was unable to present his client to a doctor during the previous months. Lawyer Jbara pointed out that Ben David was presented to a Psychiatrist by the public prosecution after committing the crime and the doctor confirmed in his report that Ben David was sane and does not suffer from any psychological disorders making him fit for a trial. During the session, the prosecutor stressed on the necessity to reject the psychological report since it does not meet the necessary legal requirements for acceptance. The prosecutor also revealed that the Psychiatrist is an Israeli doctor living abroad who was able to visit Ben David last June unlike what the lawyer claims regarding the delay of submitting the report to court. The lawyer deliberately delayed submitting the report in an attempt to affect the judge’s decision. The prosecutor also said that the Supreme Court had issued decisions refusing late claims submitted by the lawyers. Jbara pointed out that the judges’ commission acknowledged during the session that was held last month Ben David’s full responsibility of the crime of killing Mohammad Abu Khdeir but did not convict him. According to the Israeli law, any suspect cannot be convicted before studying his psychological and mental conditions.