Deporting the activist Samer Abu Eisheh from the city of Jerusalem
December 22, 2015

The occupation authorities handed on Monday the 28-year old Samer Hussam Abu Eisheh a deportation order from the city of Jerusalem for 5 months. Samer Abu Eisheh explained to Wadi Hilweh Information Center that the occupation forces requested him for interrogation at Al-Maskobyeh police center in West Jerusalem and handed him the deportation order which was issued on 16/12/2015 and said: “According to my authority and under the emergency law of 1945 articles 6, 108 and 109 and after being convinced of the importance of this matter to protect the state and the population’s safety as well as public order, I order to deport Samer Abu Eisheh from the city of Jerusalem until 15/5/2016. Abu Eisheh was arrested few months ago and was subject to harsh interrogation at Al-Maskobyeh for 33 days. He was released on condition of house arrest and was banned from travelling abroad until completing all legal procedures against him. Abu Eisheh explained that the house-arrest imposed on him was over on Monday and a deportation order was immediately issued to keep him away from the whole city.