Seizing a property in Oqbat Al-Saraya in the Old City of Jerusalem
December 22, 2015

The occupation forces evacuated a property in the area of Oqbat Al-Saraya in the Old City of Jerusalem on Tuesday morning under the pretext of being owned by settlers. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the forces raided the property that’s owned by Hussein Qaisi, took out some of its contents, changed the locks and arrested the owner. Ala’ Haddad, activist and a resident of the Old City of Jerusalem, explained that the settlers claim ownership of the property since before 1948. The property of Qaisi is part of a building that was seized in the last few years. Haddad added that the property was a commercial establishment and was turned into a residential area where Hussein lived by himself. عقار القيسي 3\ عقار القيسي 2\ القيسي عقار