Two Jerusalemite young men demonstrate inside the Red Cross refusing to be deported from Jerusalem
December 27, 2015

Under the slogan “I am not leaving”, the 28-year old Samer Abu Eisheh and 33-year old Hijazi Abu Sbeih started their open strike inside the headquarters of the Red Cross in Jerusalem refusing the deportation orders issued against them. Abu Eisheh and Sbeih explained that they decided to sit-in inside the Red Cross headquarters to deliver a message to the occupation authorities and international and local human rights organizations that they are not leaving the city of Jerusalem and will not accept the military orders; deportation orders can be issued against any Jerusalemite under the pretext of “safety and security”. They also confirmed that their refusal of the deportation order is not aimed for personal interests, it is a message to refuse the occupation’s decisions. Samer Abu Eisheh said: “Deportation order is like stopping the life of a Jerusalemite, and taking away his work and home and is like a field execution. We refuse the deportation orders regardless of the procedures that could be taken against us. Today, we say “We are not leaving Jerusalem”, and “No to all of the occupation’s policies”. The occupation authorities recently handed Abu Eisheh and Abu Sbeih deportation orders issued by the so-called Commander of Internal District to deport Abu Eisheh from the city of Jerusalem for 5 months and Abu Sbeih for 6 months under the pretext of “safety and security”. The orders are based on article 6, 108-109 from the emergency law of 1945 and for the importance to protect the state and the population’s safety as well as public order.