In pictures: Seizing a residential building in Silwan
January 20, 2016

A residential building was seized this morning in the neighborhood of Baydoun in Wadi Hilweh –Silwan south of Al-Aqsa Mosque. The Information Center explained in a statement that nearly 35 settlers from Elad settlement organization supported by occupation Special Forces raided the neighborhood of Baydoun in Silwan and entered the residential building through its main gate easily without any resistance or objection by its owners who were not even in the area. The center pointed out that the settlers had the keys of the building. The center also explained that the building consists of two floors in which the first floor was established before the occupation of Jerusalem while the second floor was built and completed few weeks ago after the “protected tenant” left the apartment on the first floor. The center added that a big land surrounded the seized building which is adjacent to the settlement outpost seized in 2014. Wadi Hilweh Information Center also added that the “leaked” building was owned by Ahmad Abu Ter who sued the tenant few years ago in order to evacuate him. Few weeks ago, he was able to evacuate the tenant after paying him an amount of money. After Abu Ter succeeded in evacuating the tenant, he started building the second floor during which the municipality crews never came to stop him from building like what usually happens in the neighborhoods of Silwan. In the case of building without a permit, municipality crews usually raid the area and hand the owner a demolition order and confiscate the construction equipment; this did not happen in the case of Abu Ter which clearly shows that he is involved in the “leaking” process of the building which was handed-over to settlers after the completion of construction. Before the settlers entered the building, they demolished the wall that separates the building from another settlement outpost that was seized back in 2014 to facilitate movement between the settlement outposts. Seizing the building of Abu Ter formed a series of three settlement outposts in the area. As of now, the center explained the presence of 9 settlement outposts in the neighborhood of Baydoun including houses, residential buildings and wide areas of land; the first outpost was seized in the 1990’s. Tags: Wadi Hilweh Information center, settlers’ assaults, Wadi Hilweh, settlers’ takeover of Palestinians’ property 12498796_10153229698457466_1718762635_n   12625669_10153229698497466_858014564_n   12596092_10153229698417466_1117093652_n 12575959_10153229698532466_790711271_n   12596082_10153229698487466_2014799895_n 12620662_10153229698572466_2069383150_o