Jerusalemite children…hostages of “occupation’s internal institutions”
January 25, 2016

The occupation authorities are detaining Jerusalemite children who were arrested on charges of possession of knives and attempting to kill settlers inside internal rehabilitation institutions following orders from Israeli courts and recommendations from the public prosecution and supervised by the social affairs. Children’s families consider this procedure very dangerous to the future of their children which is also part of the policy of shattering children’s hope of a decent life. Four Jerusalemite children are currently detained inside those institutions. They are: 13-year old Ahmad Saleh Manasra, 12-year old Ali Ihab Ali Alqam, 12-year old Ahmad Raed Za’tari and 12-year old Shadi Anwar Farrah. Farrah and Za’tari The District judge decided to transfer Ahmad Za’tari and Shadi Farrah to internal institutions on the 3rd of January. The court had decided to transfer Farrah to an internal institution in Beit Hanina and Za’tari to Tamra, but Farrah family was surprised the next day when they were informed that Shadi will be transferred to Tamra as well. Ahmad’s father explained that he is allowed as well as three others to visit Ahmad once a week since transferring him to Tamra. The visit is 40 minutes mostly in the presence of the child’s supervisor; the family is also allowed to call their son twice a week. Ahmad’s father added that signs of anxiety and psychological weakness were clear on his son during the visit not to mention detaining him with children aged between 14-17 years; Ahmad and Shadi are considered the youngest children detained in the institution which is reflected on their psychology. Farrah…assault extract confessions Farrah’s mother explained that he child revealed to the judge during the last court session that he was exposed to electric shocks in addition to being stripped naked and putting cold water on his body during interrogation. She explained that her son is suffering from a bad psychological condition, anxiety and lack of comfort. She was also surprised by not transferring him to an institution in Beit Hanina which also puts a financial pressure as well as physical pressure during visits. It also imposes pressure on the child as he is detained with older children and those detained on “criminal” charges. She pointed out that she carried a West Bank Id and transferring him to Tamra makes the weekly visit and attending court session more difficult. She mentioned that she was able to visit her son once for one hour immediately after being transferred to the internal institution and he had severe headache. She pointed out that her son Shadi was glad to see we’re (mother father and brothers) fine after they threatened to hurt us; they also insulted and verbally assaulted him. Za’tari and Farrah families also pointed out that the duration of detaining their children inside internal institutions was not identifies and weekly session are held in the Israeli court to discuss that matter; they are in 7th grade. The two children were arrested on 30/12/2015 from Street number “1” in Jerusalem and an indictment was submitted against them including charges of attempt murder and possession of knives. Ali Alqam Ali Alqam who turned 12 inside the internal institution in the city of Akko is scheduled for a court session at the end of next month regarding the duration he would spend inside the institution. He was transferred on 22/11/2015 before completing his treatment at the hospital. He was injured with three bullets in the stomach and pelvis and was in critical condition. He spent two weeks in the hospital where he underwent several surgeries. The forces had arrested Ali on 10/11/2015 after being shot by the light rails’ guard under the pretext of stabbing a guard along with his cousin Mouawya; the child was critically injured with three bullets. The child’s father is allowed to visit him once a week while he calls his family twice a week without having specific times for the phone calls. A session was held at the Israeli Magistrate court upon request by the child’s lawyer to reconsider the judge’s decision and put the child under the supervision of social affairs for three months. The lawyer complained about the location of detaining the child, duration and the method of making the decision (without the knowledge and approval of his parents); he was transferred to the internal institution through manipulation and deception. In the upcoming session at the end of this month, the social affairs will submit their detailed report regarding the child as requested by the judge in order to set the duration he will spend in the internal institution. The child is the youngest detainee in the institution and is detained on a “security” background while others are detained on “criminal” backgrounds. Ahmad Manasra The child Ahmad Manasra who will turn 14 in the next few days was transferred to an internal institution in Yarka after leaving the hospital. He was critically injured in the settlement of “Pisgat Zi’ev” after being run-over and assaulted by settlers; his cousin passed away under the pretext of carrying out a stabbing attack in the settlement on 12/10/2015. Ahmad Manasra, the child’s uncle, explained that the institution is more like a prison. The child did not receive the necessary medical treatment after suffering bleeding brain hemorrhage and fractures in the skull; he needed x-rays for the brain as recommended by his doctors three months ago. The child is also in a bad psychological condition due to the assault and beating he was exposed to during detention and interrogation. Ahmad Manasra added that his nephew is not being treated like the other detainees and is banned from using the computer. Presenting him to a doctor requires an order from a judge and visiting him has to be inside the institution’s premises and cannot leave without a companion. Tags: Prisoner’s case, Jerusalem, prisoners, detention, injury