Life sentence for one of the killers of Martyr Abu Khdeir and 21 years in prison for the other killer
February 4, 2016

The Israeli court commission in Jerusalem sentenced on Thursday two of the killers of Mohammad Hussein Abu Khdeir who was kidnapped and burned alive in July 2014. The family’s lawyer, Mohannad Jbara, explained that the District Court’s judges sentenced on Thursday two of the killers (second and third suspects) where one of them received a life sentence (25 years) and is also accused of kidnapping the child Mousa Zalloum in July 2014 while the other one was sentenced for 21 years in prison. Jbara explained that the court also ordered the suspects to pay 60 thousand NIS for Abu Khdeir family and 6 thousand NIS for Zalloum family. Lawyer Jbara added that Abu Khdeir family will request the public prosecution to submit an appeal to the Supreme Court against the sentence of the third suspect (21 years) and ask to impose a life sentence on him. Jbara also added that appeals will also be submitted to the Israeli courts to request the demolition of the killers’ houses in addition to withdrawing their nationalities just like Jerusalemites who lose their residency after carrying out an attack. Abu Khdeir family expressed their anger to the sentence of the third suspect and described it as “reduced”; the family confirmed that this sentence encourages other settlers to kill and torture Palestinians.