Esawyeh…Raids, arrests and assaults
February 8, 2016

The occupation forces raided on Wednesday early morning the village of Esawyeh and established a “monitoring point” at its main entrance; forces were deployed in the streets of the village. Mohammad Abu Hummos, member of follow-up committee in the village, explained that the occupation forces raided the village and stormed into several residential houses in a provocative way and took pictures for no reason. They also asked about the number of individuals living in each house. On Wednesday morning, occupation’s bulldozers demolished a car-repair shop and were supervised by individuals from the Ministry of Interior, Nature and Parks authority and the municipality. Abu Hummos added that occupation forces along with municipality and tax authority’s crews raided the village and were stationed near the commercial stores. They were also present near the schools and deliberately provoked the locals by stopping and searching them and randomly issuing them traffic tickets. He also mentioned that the Israeli deployment in the village remained until night and they even increased the number of deployed forces during night time. Clashes broke out between the young men and Israeli forces that randomly fired sound grenades and rubber bullets; they also detained a public bus for 40 minutes. The forces raided Hosh Dari in the village and several residential houses for no reason. They assaulted women and detained them while searching the houses; police dogs accompanied the forced during the raid. Abu Hummos added that occupation forces heavily fired sound grenade and rubber bullets in Hosh Dari and the houses’ courtyards which terrified the children; two children including a special needs child fainted. The forces also arrested 15-year old Khaled Abu Ghosh, 15-year old Abed Abu Saymeh, 20-year old Mousa Dirar Darwish, 22-year old Ali Bader and Mousa Dari. Also, the 17-year old Mohammad Ahmad Dari was arrested from Damascus Gate under the pretext of “possession of a screwdriver”.