Sur Baher: A decision to close and confiscate the houses of four Jerusalemite prisoners
February 8, 2016

The Commander of Internal Front in the occupation’s army issued decisions to close and confiscate the house of four Jerusalemite prisoners under the pretext of killing a settler last September after throwing stones at his vehicle. The prisoners are: 18-year old Mohammad Salah Abu Kaf, 17-year old Mohammad Jihad Tawil, 19-year old Walid Firas Atrash and 20-year old Abed Mahmoud Dwayyat. They are residents of the village of Sur Baher and were arrested last September and were accused of killing and causing the murder of a settler "after throwing stones at his vehicle. According to the closure and confiscation : Under my authority as a military commander and according to system 191- defense system- emergency law 1945, I order to close and confiscate the houses of the four prisoners in order to deteriorate others from carrying out similar attacks. The father of Mohammad Salah Abu Kaf explained that his 120-square meters apartment is on the second floor of a 4-storey building where 8 individuals live including 6 children; his wife is also sick. He said: “This apartment is our only shelter and the occupation has been harassing us since the arrest of our son last September.” The father of Walid Firas Al-Atrash explained this his 100-square meters house has been established since the British Mandate; 7 individuals including three children live in the house. Walid’s father wondered: “In which law the prisoners are punished before they are even convicted?” The mother of Mohammad Tawil explained that she rents an apartment which consists of two rooms and their facilities; 5 individuals including two children live in the apartment. Tarek Dwayyat, brother of prisoner Abed Dwayyat, explained that the family received a closure and confiscation order to their house (established before the occupation of Jerusalem). The house is 200 square meters and is a home for three individuals. It is considered the family’s home and is on the first floor of a residential building. The Israeli Minister of Interior had ordered to withdraw the IDs (residency) of the four prisoners two weeks ago. .