Esawyeh: Hanging “administrative demolition orders” on 20 houses
February 9, 2016

Tags: Esawyeh, demolition order Joint crews of occupation Special Forces and municipality raided on Monday the village of Esawyeh and randomly distributed administrative demolition orders to residential homes. Mohammad Abu Hummos, member of follow-up committee in the village of Esawyeh, explained that occupation forces raided the village from its north eastern side and were deployed in the streets. They took pictures of several establishments and then hung administrative demolition orders on 20 houses; most of the orders did not have the name of the owner of the establishment as the crews hung the orders on the outside gates. Abu Hummos added that among the families who received demolition orders were the families of Mahmoud, Abdel Ghani, Alayan and Mjahed. He also pointed out that most of the houses were established 5-20 years ago and are licensed by the occupation municipality. Abu Hummos confirmed that the occupation randomly distributed the demolition orders in the north eastern side of the village to cause chaos among the locals especially the home-owners. العيسوية   عيسوية 2 عيسوية 3 عيسوية 4