Pictures: Raiding and damaging the contents of a beauty salon in Silwan
February 13, 2016

The occupation forces raided on Thursday a beauty salon in the neighborhood of Wadi Hilweh in Silwan while the municipality crews raided the land of Khaled Al-Zeer in Abbasyeh neighborhood in Silwan. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the occupation forces including intelligence personnel raided “Katrina” beauty salon and searched it and damaged some of its contents under the pretext of looking for “prohibited” items. Reem Salaymeh explained that the occupation’s intelligence personnel dressed in civil clothes raided her salon after surrounding it; Special Forces were deployed at its entrance. Reem said: “I asked the forces to give me couple of minutes to put on my “hijab” as I was with a customer but forces dressed in civil clothes raided the salon and asked me to stop and not interfere.” She added: “The forces precisely searched the salon and damaged its contents. They made sure to open all closed boxes and removed parts of the dry wall in several places using hand-demolition tool. They also checked the salon’s documents and the pictures hung on the walls.” Salaymeh pointed out that the raid and search operation lasted for nearly two hours. Salaymeh also explained that the forces prevented anyone from approaching the salon and prevented her from answering her phone. She also mentioned that one Special Forces’ person assaulted her brother and pointed his gun towards him while he attempted to enter the salon. On the other hand, municipality crews raided the land of Khaled Al-Zeer in Silwan and forced him to remove the horse from the land for no reason. Al-Zeer explained that the occupation forces, Nature and Parks authority and municipality raided his land few days ago and carried out excavation works without informing him about the reason. He was surprised on Thursday municipality crews forced him to remove the horse and threatened to confiscate it if he doesn’t execute the order immediately. 12746249_10153268937897466_1898165657_n 12746115_10153268934822466_502264396_n 12735809_10153268937947466_895462829_n 12735546_10153268938007466_254602641_n 12714327_10153268934787466_2041097174_n