Pictures: 14 people participate in the funeral of Martyr Ahmad Abu Sha’ban amid strict Israeli procedures
February 17, 2016

Only 14 people from the family of Martyr Ahmad Abu Sha’ban participated in the Martyr’s funeral after Sunday midnight when the Martyr’s body was released to his family at the entrance of Lions’ Gate cemetery in Jerusalem amid strict Israeli procedure in the city. The occupation authorities imposed restrictions on the releasing of the Martyr’s body and reduced the number of people allowed to participate in the funeral to 14 family members; they previously allowed 50 people to participate. Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud….Difficulty in the process of releasing the Martyr’s body Al-Dameer organization lawyer, Mohammad Mahmoud, explained that the occupation intelligence informed him shortly before the releasing process about reducing the number of people allowed to participate in the funeral to 10 people only. After an hour of negotiations, the lawyer was able to increase the number to 14 people (family members) and a list was made with the names of the Martyr’s parents, brothers, sister and uncles who were allowed to enter the cemetery. Lawyer Mahmoud added that changing the releasing conditions was unexpected. Israeli authorities that the change occurred due to the attack that took place in Jerusalem on Sunday night; the intelligence threatened to continue to detain the Martyr’s body if they refuse the new conditions. He said: “The family faced a dilemma and had the options of receiving their son’s body after 124 days of detention of refusing the conditions; finally the releasing process took place in the presence of a small number of family members.” Occupation forces were present inside the cemetery from the first moments of the releasing process until all family members left the cemetery. Forces also accompanied the participants while they were preparing the Martyr in a room inside the cemetery and while praying to his soul before burying him.” Lions’ Gate cemetery- a military camp Lions’ Gate cemetery and its surrounding and the roads leading to it were turned into a military camp from 11:30 p.m. and iron barriers were established at the cemetery’s entrances. Forces were also deployed in the nearby streets and prevented anybody from reaching the area of the cemetery. They also carried out searching operations inside the cemetery and around the tombs at the same when another unit ascended the Old City’s wall which overlooks the cemetery. Forces prevented press crews and medical staff from entering the cemetery and used force to keep them away from its entrance. Martyr’s mother The Martyr’s mother said: “Today I feel relieved. I was coming every day to the cemetery near Ahmad’s tomb and was waiting for releasing his body. I was also spraying Zamzam water from Mecca…today Ahmad was buried as he wished in Jerusalem and near Al-Aqsa Mosque.” She added: “I pray to God to facilitate the releasing of the remaining bodies detained so their families can bury them.” The Jerusalem District had paid the 20-thousand NIS bail imposed on the family of Martyr Abu Sha’ban. The family explained that the Martyr was shot nearly 20 times in the head, chest, back and chin; one bullet went through the back of his head. Adnan Gheith Adnan Gheith, secretary of Fateh movement in Jerusalem, denounced the Israeli restrictions imposed during releasing the Martyr’s body which came after the murder of two young men in the area of Damascus Gate in Jerusalem on Sunday night. He said: “The national organizations have a duty of protecting their people. All of our money and property will not be more precious than a blood drop of our Martyrs.” IMG_9015 IMG_9037 IMG_9041 IMG_9044 IMG_9058 IMG_9061 IMG_9087 IMG_9049 IMG_9088 IMG_9094 IMG_9123 IMG_9128 IMG_9142 IMG_9152 IMG_9161 IMG_9171 IMG_9176 IMG_9181 IMG_9189