Esawyeh: Demolishing farms and walls and sweeping and damaging wide areas of lands
February 18, 2016

The occupation’s bulldozers demolished on Wednesday morning agricultural farms and swept wide areas of lands in the village of Esawyeh. Mohammad Abu Hummos, member of follow-up committee in the village of Esawyeh, explained that occupation forces along with three bulldozers and municipality crews and Nature and Parks authority raided the village on Wednesday around 5 a.m. They stormed into wide areas of land in the eastern part of the village and carried out a sweeping process and also demolished several agricultural establishments in the lands. They also removed trees and damaged agricultural roads and the borders between the lands. Abu Hummos added that the lands swept are aimed to be confiscated by the occupation authorities in favor of the “National Parks” project and to connect the settlement of “Maale Adomim” with the city of Jerusalem. Several appeals were submitted by the locals of Esawyeh and Al-Tur against this settlement project in the last few years resulting in the cancellation of the project. The National Committee for Planning and Building decided in 2014 to freeze the project and conditioned the Jerusalem municipality and Nature and Parks authority to study the needs of the locals in terms of schools, kindergartens, homes and medical centers before proceeding with the project. The affected locals were Adnan Sabri Darwish, Saed Mohammad Sheikha Obeid, Nasri Mheisen, Murad Jamal Mustafa, Ali Daoud Abu Hummos, Sha’ban Mousa Obeid, Atef Mohammad Obeid and Saleh Turk. Adnan Darwish explained that the occupation’s bulldozers targeted to pieces of land that he owns in which the first one is 8000 square meters and the second is 500 square meters. They were both swept and dozens of trees were removed. It is noteworthy that the bulldozers carried out similar operations in both lands last June. Saleh Turk explained that the bulldozers demolished a sheep pen built from wood and iron and swept the surrounding land (600 square meters) and also destroyed the sheep’s feeders. Murad Mustafa said that the bulldozers swept his farm and demolished four sheep pens and two barracks; they also destroyed the sheep’s feeders. Nasri Mheisen explained that the bulldozers demolished an 18-meter container and several walls in the land. They also damaged a parking area and swept the entire land. Mheisen explained that the authorities handed him last Monday an evacuation order and he headed to the municipality which decided to postpone the decision; he was surprised when the bulldozers raided his land and carried out sweeping operations. Saed Sheikha explained that the bulldozers demolished the establishments in his land after sweeping it and also demolished a sheep pen built from tin plates; the land is 80 square meters.