Prison sentence…extensions of arrest…releases
February 20, 2016

The judge sentenced on Thursday 32-year old Daoud Mahmoud Daoud Al-Ghoul from Silwan for 18 months of actual imprisonment. Daoud was arrested after requesting him for interrogation on the 26th of last June while he was deported from the city of Jerusalem. The judge also sentenced the child Emran Joulani for 4 months of actual imprisonment, a suspended probation of 5 months for three years and a 3600-NIS fine. On the other hand, the occupation police said they arrested two young Palestinian men that were inside a vehicle that reached Al-Z’ayem checkpoint established on the eastern entrance of Jerusalem under the pretext of having two explosive devices. The forces also arrested two young men from the areas of Herod’s Gate and Damascus Gate and transferred them to Salah Eddin Street police station. Hakim Mousa Dirbas from the village of Esawyeh to administrative arrest for six months. Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud explained that Dirbas was arrested two days prior to the decision and the judge decided to release him but the police appealed the judge’s decision; on the next day he was transferred to administrative arrest. Lawyer Mahmoud added that the judge extended the arrest of the children Ahmad Abu Roumi, Adam Abu Shamala and Ahmad Abu Aweis until 3/3/2016 (conduct officer’s report) and submitted indictments against them to the District judge. The judge also extended the arrest of the girl Rama Abdellatif until 21/2/2016, Khader Abu Ghannam and Mutasem Khweis until 6/4/2016 (witnesses hearing session), Samer Shallodi until 28/2/2016 (making a decision regarding the prosecution’s request to extend the prison sentence imposed on him), and the child Mohammad Ammouri indefinitely. Lawyer Mahmoud added that the judge extended the arrest of the child Ahmad Kawasmi until 21/2/2016, Tamer Rabee’ until 22/2/2016, Abed Abu Ter until 23/2/2016, Mohammad Jaber Abbasi until 10/5/2016, Amjad Salaymeh until 12/4/2016, Amjad Za’tari until 6/3/2016, Saner Abu Eisheh until 6/4/2016, Nader Naser until 10/3/2016, Emad Bakri and Wahid Bakri and Mahdi Syaj until 27/3/2016 (witnesses hearing session), Mohammad Burqan until 13/4/2016 and Khaled Jadallah until 6/4/2016. Session was also held for the children Suhaib Idris and Mansour Safadi and the judge scheduled a session for them on 21/3/2016. Also, sessions were held for Mohammad Suleiman and was postponed until 12/4/2016; Malek Sroor, Nader Abdo and Tawfiq Abu Dheim and their session was postponed until 14/6/2016(witnesses hearing session). Another session as held for the child Ibrahim Abulhawa and the judge refused to reduce his releasing conditions. A session was scheduled for the minor Mohammad Hatem Abulhawa on 9/6/2016. During the session, the indictment submitted against the child was modified and charges of throwing stones were removed; house-arrest imposed on the child was also reduced. Releases… The judge decided to release the child Akram Mustafa with a 5-thousand NIS bail, a third-party bail of 10 thousand NIS, house-arrest and deportation to Beit Hanina. The judge also decided to release Mahmoud Obeid, Adel Mahmoud, Mohannad Abu Asab and Ali Sidawi without any conditions. Also, the girl Haneen Musleh was released on condition of house-arrest for 5 days. The judge also released 17-year old Odai Abu Tayeh and 17-year old Taha Abu Tayeh on condition of house-arrest for 5 days and a 5000-NIS bail; they were arrested on Wednesday early morning.