The occupation arrests two Jerusalemite girls…extensions of arrest and releases
February 27, 2016

The occupation forces arrested on Wednesday two Jerusalemite girls from Wadi Al-Joz and Jabal Al-Mukabber in Jerusalem. Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud explained that the Israeli police arrested 17-year old Asma’ Asmar from inside her school under the pretext of “intention to carry out an attack”. The lawyer explained that the forces transferred the girl to Salah Eddin Street police station for interrogation; she is from the neighborhood of Wadi Al-Joz in Jerusalem. The forces also arrested on Wednesday night 14-year old Alia Salhout from the village of Jabal Al-Mukabber. Prison sentences… The lawyer added that the Magistrate judge sentenced Firas Obeid for 18 months of actual imprisonment and a suspended probation of 10 months for three years. He also sentenced Amir Mahmoud for 20 months of actual imprisonment, a suspended probation of 10 months for three years and a 5000-NIS fine. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the judge also sentenced Wisam Mohammad Sider for 15 months of actual imprisonment. Extending the arrest of minors On the other hand, the Magistrate judge extended the arrest of Rama Abdel Latif Ja’abees until 26/2/2016, Mohammad Ammouri until 7/3/2016, Tawfiq Othman and Nidal Bazlameet until 28/2/2016, Tamer Rabee’ until completing the legal procedures against him, Mohammad Mahmoud and Issa Abu Rmeileh until 25/2/2016, Mohammad Jaber and Yazan Ayoub until 29/2/2016. Extending the arrest of young men The judge also extended the arrest of Omar Abu Sara until 23/3/2016, Abdulrahman Abu Ter until 1/3/2016, Jihad Zaghal and Mohammad Abu Diab and Hasan Khalfawi until 3/3/2016, Shadi Alayan until 27/3/2016, Munir Mahmoud until 25/2/2016, Mahmoud Abu Aweis until completing the legal procedures against him, Mus’ab Alayan and Luqman Aton until 1/3/2016, Mohammad Alayan until 14/3/2016, Amir Salloum and Laith Husseini until 29/2/2016. Releases Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud added that the judge decided to release the child Mohammad Hadreh with a 2000-NIS bail and house-arrest. The police also released the minors Mutasem Abu Nab and Mohammad Risheq with a third-party bail. The judge decided to release Isam Gheith unconditionally and extended the arrest of Saleh Shtayyeh, Mohammad Tayeh, Murad Alqam, Omar Yassin and Zeid Tawil until 29/2/2016.